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Hugh Mutch

~ His parent is not known.

~ Spouse Jane Rhind

They married 8 November 1852 in the parish of Old Machar

~ Children were:

Last updated: Thursday, 31st March 2016

Webmaster's notes:

I found son Hugh's death certificate from the district of Dyke in the county of Moray. It confirms his wife as Ann Ross but states his mother was also Ann Ross (sic). The informant was A Bain, son-in-law.

Andre Strydom contacted me about this family and provided details of the other children of son Hugh & Ann Ross -

"HUGH MUTCH and his wife, ANN ROSS, had a daughter, EMILY (1872-1955), the first of their eight children. EMILY married ALEXANDER ROSS (1871-1952), who was my great uncle. (Alexander's brother, JAMES, was my great grandfather)"

Andre has also provided full details of the information he has on the the descendants of Hugh and Jane Rhind.

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