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Alexander Mutch born 1815

~ His parent is not known.

~ Had a relationship with Barbara Thomson born 1815 in the parish of Rayne - died 28 July 1894 at 20 Backgate in the parish of Peterhead

Her father was James Thomson and her mother was Elizabeth Hutchison

~ Children were:

Last updated: Saturday, 13th June 2009

Webmaster's notes:

Bill Fraser confirmed details of this family line which is also shown on ANESFHS Ancestor Chart 12696.

Bill also provided a detailed listing of his connection to this family line - see here.

Bill has since provided the following update on Son George's death details.

"DEATHS in the District of West Peterculter in the County of Aberdeen. Page 13, No 37.

GEORGE THOMSON MUTCH (Widower of Margaret Forman) died on 1st November 1929 at 9:45 AM at Dalmuingie, Murtle, aged 80 years. Father (deceased) Mother (deceased) Cause of death was (unable to read) Informant:- Alexander Mutch, son, (present) Registered on 2nd November 1929."

Anne Rennie contacted me to say:
"...George Thomson Mutch was my great grandfather. I believe he was the illegitimate son of Alexander Mutch and Barbara Thomson. I have traced Barbara through various records and she died in Peterhead in 1894 and was, according to her grandson, unmarried.

I think that the Alexander Mutch who married Marjorie Forgie [son of A8] is the same one on the A 45 line. I have a paper trail for Barbara Thomson, but not for Alexander Mutch.

There is a link with both for Peterhead and Longside. Barbara seems to have gone back to her father and stepmother in Longside to have her 2 children, left them there, and returned to Peterhead.

Of course, there is no way to prove his paternity one way or the other."

Bill Fraser has added a lot of detail in a posting (10 April 2009) on the website, including the details of George's birth registry entry:
BIRTHS. Date of Registration. On 28th January 1850 THOMSON or MUTCH, GEORGE born on 23rd August 1849, Baptised on 28th January 1850. Farther ALEXANDER MUTCH, Farm Servant. Mother BARBARA THOMSON, Parents residence. Rora

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