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George Mutch


His parent is not known.


Spouse Rachel Skene born 1817 - died 2 July 1888 at Stuartfield in the parish of Old Deer. They married 8 December 1846 in the parish of Ellon.

Her father was George Skene and her mother was Christina Murdoch.

Her father George is listed as a blacksmith on her death certificate

Children were:
  1. Elizabeth born 1847. Married William Ogston

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I found the death record of Rachel Mutch (Skene) on Scotlands People. This lists her as widow of George Mutch, Blacksmith. The informant was Wlliam Ogston, son-in-law, and this led me to daughter Elizabeth’s wedding details.

The census for 1851 shows Rachel and Elizabeth sharing Hillhead, Esslemomnt with several other Skene housholds, which might be siblings and their families. Rachel is listed as a Widow. The 1861 census is similar but lists their address as Hillhead of Chapelhall.

Rachel’s birth year is approximate and is taken from the census records.