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George Mutch born 1828 in the parish of Old Deer - died 26 May 1903 in the parish of Savoch

~ His father was James Mutch [J22]

~ Spouse Sarah Mackie born 1821 - died 15 January 1896

They married 29 June 1850 in the parish of St Fergus, Banff

~ Children were:

Last updated: Wednesday, 1st April 2020

Webmaster's notes:
Information for this line comes from Valerie Campbell. Her family line goes down through James and can be seen on ANESFHS Ancestor Chart 10579.

George's parents were James + Elizabeth Mitchel.
ANESFHS Ancestor Chart 6152 shows Christian/Christina having a child Elizabeth Mackie Mutch born 30 November 1876 in Tarves by William Mackie, but Valerie has written:

Christina wasn't married, she is buried in Savoch with her parents. She died at 85 Station Road Ellon which later became the old folk's home and her death was registered by my grandfather, James Mutch, her grand nephew, and he is given as 10 Gordon Terrace, Ellon, which was correct for 1936.

Valerie has also provided a lot of information on the families of the children of this family line.
Nancy Loe has provided a copy of the marriage details for daughter Elizabeth and William Maver.

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