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James Mutch born 16 January 1806 - died 13 June 1870 at Loanhead in the parish of Rayne

~ His father was George Mutch [G5]

~ Spouse Agnes Smith

They married 26 June 1841 in the parish of Insch

~ Children were:

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Webmaster's notes:

Details of son James and the dates for James senior are taken from ANESFHS Ancestor Chart 8749.

Mary Lazell has a copy of James' death certificate which states his parents to be George Mutch, labourer (deceased) and Jane Mutch nee Ogilvie (deceased).

I have found a copy of son George's death registration on the Scotland's People website.

Sheila Mason contacted me with details of daughter Helen's family and her connection:

"Her daughter Helen Scatterty married John Duncan at Rayne, Aberdeenshire on 31 August 1901 and their daughter Helen Mutch Duncan (March 1904) who married Alexander Milne at The Queen's Hotel, Montrose, Angus on 1 December 1927 was my grandmother"

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