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James Mutch born 1805 christened 29 December 1805 in the parish of Culsalmond - died 19 June 1879 at 53 Cotton Street in the parish of Aberdeen

~ His father was David Mutch [D1]

~ Spouse Catharine Anne Copland born 19 August 1810

They married 9 October 1831 in the parish of Oyne

~ Children were:

Last updated: Saturday, 2nd June 2018

Webmaster's notes:

This family line is listed a B8 in the 1929 Mutch Genealogy, where most of this information is taken from. It lists more children than I can find in the IGI.. His parents are given as David + Jean Singer.

Some information comes from the posting on GenCircles by Leslie Gerard Hay and James M Hay under the Gerard and Hay Family Trees. I have so far been unable to contact either of them to confirm the data.

Son James is shown on both ANESFHS Ancestor Chart 2799 and 2805.

Bette Murray has provided the following information on some of the children:

"Robert Mutch died 4 Jan 1886 age 39yrs at Oyne Village Pauper ex Farm servant Cause Chronic Abscesses Informant Brother John.

Arthur Mutch died 8 July 1877 age 20yrs Clofton House Insch Cause Phthisis Father James present.

Elizabeth Mutch died 17 May 1933 age 85yrs Single Bulwark Road Maud New deer Abd Cause Senile Decay Informant M McPhail occupier.

George Mutch died 23 Apr 1921 68yrs (75) Jerico Cottage Culsalmond Abd informant John Alan Joiner of Colpy Culsalmond

Jane Mutch died 26 Oct 1910 age 73yrs Fish Street Abd Cause Pneumonia Widower John Duncan present

William Mutch died 30 Aug 1895 age 42yrs 263 Holborn Street Abd Cause Peritonitis Sister Bathia Cruickshank present

I have found James' death registration on the Scotland's People website where his occupation is given as a cartwright (master). The informant is his grandson James Pope.

I found daughter Bathia and her family in the 1871 census but I wasn't able to find them in later census'

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