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James Mutch born 1807 christened 8 December 1807 in the parish of Monquhitter - died 5 October 1881 at Waterside Deanshaugh Farm in the parish of New Spynie, Moray

~ His father was Alexander Mutch [A8]

~ Spouse Margaret Mitchell

They married 17 April 1849 in the parish of Old Deer

~ Children were:

Last updated: Saturday, 2nd June 2018

Webmaster's notes:

Confirmation of James' details has been provided by Seonaid Henderson from his death record in the OPR. The informant is his son James.

Seonaid also provided the following information about James' sons:

"Alexander Chivas Mutch bn 4th May 1853. He married a Margaret Wyllie on the 21st July in Edinburgh. He died on the 20th Aug. 1909 in Aberdeen. His son Alfred Mutch was the informant. Alfred was bn on the 23rd July 1888 in Elgin. He died on the 21st Apr. 1939 in Elgin. Catherine R. Mutch his widow was the informant.

James Mutch bn 8 Sept 1851 in Cruden. He died on the 12th Mar. 1906 at Deanshaugh, Elgin. His son James was the informant. James had two wives according to the death extract. The 1st was Jessie Neil. The 2nd was Jessie Petrie."

Seonaid has also provided fuller details of son James' family and transcripts of his obituary notices from local newspapers.

It now appears that, although his death registration gives his mother's name as Elizabeth Logie, his mother was probably Alexander's first wife Margaret Henry (see A8).

Annette Collins has contacted me with details of her connection to son Alexander Chivas:

"I am distantly related to Margaret Wyllie (a second cousin thrice removed) who descends from the Eccles family of Ayrshire and was married to Alexander Chivas Mutch.

They had three children Agnes born circa 1888, Alfred born circa 1889 and Cecilia born circa 1893. I have not confirmed their dates of birth, I’ve looked at the censuses..

In 1886 Margaret marries Alexander C Mutch who is a master butcher in Edinburgh although he is living in Hill Cottage Bishopsmill Elgin in Moray and she is living at 26 Redhaven Street Elgin.

I only have the first page of the 1891 census Alexander is a 37 year old butcher living at lambs Brae in Elgin. Margaret is 36.

In 1901 Alexander is a 49 year old butcher with Margaret 44 years, Agnes 15, Alfred 12 and Cecilia 8 years old. The address is difficult to make out but is in Elgin. They have two domestic servants both named Margaret.

In 1911 Margaret is the head of the household. Agnes is 23 years, Alfred 22 is a farmer and butcher, and Cecilia is 18 years. They have two servants. They are living at Kean ??? in Duffies Elginshire."

I have now added the details of son James' family as provided by Seonaid Henderson above.

I also added birth details for his daughter Beatrice which I found on Scotlands People.

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