This is Family Line Reference [J64], details known are ......

John Mutch born 1802 christened 1 April 1802 in the parish of Belhelvie - died 19 November 1866 at Greenhaug Street in the parish of Govan, Lanark


His father was Peter Mutch [P1]


Spouse Christian Simpson - died 1870 in the parish of Glasgow, Lanark. They married 22 May 1824 in the parish of Belhelvie.

Her father was William Simpson and her mother was Margaret Duncan.
Children were:
  1. John born 1823 christened 2 March 1823 in the parish of Belhelvie

Last updated: Tuesday, 28th February 2023

Webmaster's notes:

I believe this John is the son of Peter + Mary Chapman [P1]. His death was registered in Govan, Lanark by his son John, but the mother's name was given Margaret Simpson. I have found a Christian Simpson christened 19 August 1797 in Belhelvie. Her parents were William + Margaret Duncan. All this needs to be confirmed by proper research.
Cait McPhee has now confirmed the details outlined above. She wrote:

"J64, according to his death certificate (1866 in Govan) was the son of Peter Mutch (P1) and [unnamed] Chapman as you say on your website, and the death certificate says he was married to Margaret Simpson, and was a "shipbuilder's gatekeeper". However, there's then a death certificate for Christian Simpson in 1870 in Tradeston in Glasgow, widow of John Mutch, shipbuilder's gatekeeper.

So it looks like John J64 marries Christian/Margaret Simpson in 1824, they move to Glasgow, and Christian outlives this John. Their son, John (b. 1824) witnesses her death certificate."