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John Mutch

~ His parent is not known.

~ Spouse Isobel Mackie born 9 February 1805 in the parish of Foveran

They married 23 December 1827 in the parish of Foveran

Her father was James Mackie and her mother was Elspet Stott who were married 11 September 1803 in the parish of Foveran

~ Children were:

Last updated: Wednesday, 1st April 2020

Webmaster's notes:
Details of son John come from his death register entry in GRO which was found thanks to David Cann who is descended from him.
David has since added the following information:

1) Their Son John Mutch Married Christina Murchar. They had a Daughter ' Barbara Sherridan Mutch' Born in Peterhead 1873, but hailed from Buchan. Barbara was an active member of the Scottish Episcopalian Church. Barbara Married an 'Alexander Gray Thorpe' in Glasgow in 1897. Barbara died in Glasgow in 1929 aged 56. Alexander was Born Glasgow in 1872 and Died in Glasgow in 1948. Both are burried at 'Riddrie Cemetery' in Glasgow. They lived at 6 Rogart Street, Glasgow. 'Sandy', as Alexander was known, worked at Templeton's carpet factory. He was a Freemason.

2) Barbara & Alexander had four Children. John Thorpe, James Thorpe, Christine Thorpe & Robert Thorpe ( who is My Grandad).

3) Robert was Born on 21st May. He Died on 23rd Sept 1968 approx. 56 years old. He is Burried in 'Dalbeth Cemetery' in Glasgow.

4) Robert married Elizabeth Currie on 26th Feb, but not sure of year yet.

5) Elizabeth was Born on 7th October, again not sure of year. 'Liza', as she was known, passed away on 6th Dec 1976 and was about 62 years old when she passed. 'Liza' is also burried at Dalbeth as well.

This family living can also found as crofters at Cavemoss, Peterhead in the 1841 census. Robert and Henereta are listed here along with Mary.
Jim Allan has provided more details of this Family Line and the family of daughter Barbara. He has a lot of additional information which can be viewed on his website (click here or see Links page)
Elaine Harvey has contacted me to say that she is the great grand daughter of Barbara (daughter of John and Christian Murcar) and Sandy Thorpe. Their daughter Christine was her grandmother.
John Mutch is also related to this family line and has posted the following information on the forum:

John Mutch and Christian Murcar had a son John b.1863. He married Christina Burnett and they had a son Robert b.1886 in Aberdeen. Robert married Helen Keir (b. 1885 at Riggend, Lanark). Their children were John, William, Robert, Agnes and Ella. Agnes had a son James Mutch who married Margaret Geddes. They had five sons (William, Robert, me, James and Donald) and a daughter (Caroline).

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