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John Mutch born 1800 christened 3 January 1801 in the parish of New Machar - died 13 October 1891 in the parish of Old Meldrum

~ His father was Alexander Mutch [A4]

~ Spouse Margaret Cruickshank born 4 February 1821 christened 14 February 1821 in the parish of Slains - died 22 March 1900 in the parish of Old Meldrum

They married 1 April 1843 in the parish of Slains. There is also a marriage record for this pair at Old Meldrum on 5 April 1843. In these situations I only list the first recorded date.

Her father was James Cruickshank and her mother was Margaret Ligertwood who were married 2 June 1810 in the parish of Cruden. Needs to be confirmed as correct mother.

~ Children were:

Last updated: Tuesday, 31st March 2020

Webmaster's notes:
Peter Smith confirmed that John's parents were Alexander + Helen Rust.
Valerie Campbell has provided the following additional information, plus some memories of visiting Philipston:

...I've been digging about on my father's side (Duncan, Murray, Cran & Brebner) and was intrigued to find a Margaret Brebner married to a John Mutch, Philipston Old Meldrum. My Duncan uncles know that the daughter Margaret (married a David Annand) inherited Philipston, Old Meldrum from her father (and my mother remembers visiting them too). Looked up 1841 census and at Philipston was Helen 65 and sons John, Alex & dau Isabel. In 1851 John age 50 was there now married to Margaret (probably Cruickshank as a sister Isabella Cruickshank was there too) age 30 born Slains with children John 6 Helen 4 Christian 2.

My problem is when I cross referenced with the info on your site. I found Mutches at Philipstone (various ways of spelling!) under Alexander A4. He is in as having died at Philipston (Peter Smith's research). His wife is Helen Rust and that fits with a Helen being there in 1841census. It also gives their son as John J75, married to Margaret Cruickshank. That's fine too - fits with 1851 census. Now comes the BUT. There is no mention of Children John & Helen (mentioned in 1851 census). The children start at Christina (Christian in 1851 census). There is an entry in IGI for John and Helen but only father given as John, no mention of a mother. Christina has both parents' names in her entry.

Valerie also wrote:

I haven't got a marriage for John Mutch & Margaret Brebner - hadn't really thought much about it until I found the reference to Philipston on your site, but they are buried at Old Meldrum. John died 2.10.1919 and Margaret b 27.6.1856 d 7.12.1927 (parents George Brebner b 1804 Keithhall & Isabel Wilson b 1815 Udny). In the ANEFS MI list daughter Margaret's husband David Annand d 1966 is also named on the stone. We can't remember when Margaret died - I remember visiting her in my teens when she lived in Old Meldrum. My recollection of her was very old! I assume she also is buried in the same lair.

Additional details of this family have been provided by Margaret Briggs. You can see her listing here

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