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Robert Mutch born 1826 christened 3 October 1826 in the parish of Peterhead - died 1902 in the parish of Canada

~ His father was John Mutch [J42]

~ Spouse Anne Cruickshank born 1831 - died 1909 in the parish of Canada

They married 22 November 1849 in the parish of Strichen

Her father was Alexander Cruickshank and her mother was Elizabeth Wallace

~ Children were:

Last updated: Sunday, 7th November 2010

Webmaster's notes:
The link to Robert's father came from Catriona Fraser. She wrote:

Robert MUTCH bap 3/10/1826 (OPR: 03 Oct 1826 Mutch. John, carpenter in Peterhead, a son, Robert. witns.:- Robert and Alexander Mutch.) - married Ann CRUICKSHANK on 24/11/1849 in Cruden (your R5 lineage).

As this is before registration (& I haven't checked to see if the OPR gives any more details yet) it is not confirmed as yet that this is correct, but their fourth child was James Will MUTCH (b 13/6/1855) and this middle name supports this as being correct as my 3xgreat grandmother Christian Abernethy MUTCH had married William WILL in 1854.

They had the 4 children you have on the website, emmigrated to Canada, to East Wawanosh, Huron Co., Ontario and had at least a further 4 children -
Mary b abt 1858, Jennie D. b Sept 1863; William Wallace b 18/11/1869; & Jessie b abt 1873. (These are confirmed by the 1881 Canadian census)

Kathleen Mutch has provided the following additional information:

Recently I have been viewing images (not abstracts or transciptions) of Canadian census, birth/death/marriage register records on line and have additional information about the R5 line.

1. My father-in-law, John Frederick Mutch, is a grandson of Robert Mutch and Ann Cruikshank. His father was Frederick Mutch, b.1873 in E. Wawanosh, Ontario, d. 1944 Clinton, Ontario. Fred Mutch was most likely the last of the children born to Robert and Ann Mutch.

Fred Mutch married Sarah Jane Carter of Hullett, Ontario in Hullett on March 19, 1902 and they had four sons (including my father-in-law) and one daughter: William James, Franklin Carter, John Frederick, Charles Edward and Sarah Jane (known as Jean). All are deceased.

2. Jessie Mutch, his sister, was born in 1871 (not 1873).

3. William and Frank married but had no children. Charles was killed in World War II (RCAF), did not marry and had no children. The book "Malta Spitfire" has an account of his death.

4. John married Elizabeth Marion (known as Marion) Glenday of the US, both now deceased. They had one son and one daughter, both living. Their daughter had no children, but their son had seven children - five sons and two daughters, all living. John and Marion's son and his wife have two grandsons.(The Mutch name carries on!)

5. Jean married Dick Jacob of Clinton, Ontario and had one son and one daughter. Their daughter died young. Their son -John Jacob - married Martha Finney and had twin sons. John Jacob is also deceased.

I have received the following note from Loren Scott:

I am an archaeologist with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority in Ontario, Canada and came across your website while doing research on a family that has a connection to the Mutches.

It appears Robert Mutch (Family Line Referene R5) and his family, wife Ann and children Robert, Ann, James and Mary spent a short time living in Pickering Township, Ontario County before they got to East Wawasnosh, Huron County.

You can see the family referenced in the 1861 Pickering Township census transcript found here:

Robert is listed as a blacksmith and there is a servant George Graham whom is actually his apprentice and whom I am researching.

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