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Thomas Mutch born 1817 christened 13 August 1817 in the parish of Peterhead - died 27 July 1896 at Fetterangus in the parish of Old Deer

~ His father was Alexander Mutch [A8]

~ Spouse Margaret Lamb born 1821 in the parish of Longside

They married 9 December 1850 in the parish of Peterhead

~ Children were:

Last updated: Wednesday, 1st April 2020

Webmaster's notes:
Details of Thomas were taken from ANESFHS Ancestor Chart 1058. This chart shows his parents as Alexander + Elisabeth Logie. I have since found his death registration on the Scotland's People website. This gives his mother's name as Elisabeth Glennie. He died as a pauper and the informant was his son Thomas.
Details of daughter Jane were provided by Barbara Crook (nee Duncan) who added the following:

She was the second wife of Alexander Duncan and they had 7 children. Alexander had 2 children by a previous marriage. Jane & Alexander Duncan were my grandparents.

Details of daughter Christian's marriage have come from Kathy Mitchell.
I found son George's death registration on Scotland's People site.
I found the death registration for son Thomas on Scotland's People. It lists him as a Gas Work Labourer (retired) and widower. Registration was done by Andrew Dunning, son-in-law, which would imply at least one daughter exists.

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