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Jared & Christina C. Olar
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Obituary of Maythel Armold Hunt (1913-2012)

Here is the URL of the obituary of Maythel Armold Hunt, who died Wednesday this week, 25 April 2012, not quite 99 years old:

Maythel was the last remaining child of Winfield F. Armold and Maude E. Mutch.  Her parents appear as number C94 on page 57 of the old published "Genealogy of the Mutch Family."  However, that source misspells the surname as "Arnold."  In fact it is "Armold" -- an odd spelling, so it's understandable that the book got that wrong.

Maude E. Mutch's older sister Margaret Elsie Mutch married Herbert Benjamin Riggs, and their son Carl Spencer Riggs Sr. was the father of Carolyn Jean Riggs, who is my mother-in-law.  Carolyn's daughter Christina is my wife.

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