New Info on Various Family Lines from ANESFHS Unpublished MIs

One of the many excellent resources available from ABNESFHS member website is a searchable index of memorial indexes as yet unpublished. Using this I managed to update information on the following family lines:

Family Line G12 Added details for wife Elspet Park born 1810 - died 5 November 1878 at Ardmachron in the parish of Cruden.

Family Line G14 Details of the death of Jessie Ann Mutch, daughter of son John Birnie Mutch + Isabella Kirkton, were included on John Kirkton’s gravestone in Strichen. This shows that she was 5 years old when she died in 1890.

Family Line G15 Added details for a new daughter, Annie Ferguson Mutch, of son Alexander + Ellen Massie. These were on a memorial raised by Alexander for his father and other family members in Auchterless.

Family Line J46 A stone raised in Auchterless for William Cruickshank, husband of daughter Bathia Mutch, gave additional death details for there family.

Family Line W21 Added some more details on daughter Barbara’s family taken from a memorial erected in Monquhitter cemetery by her husband David Thom.