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Alexander Mutch born 1720 christened 13 May 1720 at Boghall in the parish of New Machar

~ His father was Alexander Mutch [A11]

~ Spouse Jean Elrick

They married 27 June 1754 in the parish of New Machar

~ Children were:

Last updated: Tuesday, 31st March 2020

Webmaster's notes:
Information for this line comes from Peter M. Smith. You can view his descendants information here.

Alexander's parents are believed to be Alexander + Isobel Brow.
Peter M. Smith has sent additional information on the family of daughter Christian's eldest daughter Elspet. You can see that information here.
He has since updated it with the following: the 1851 census I found the same family for that year. It appears that Christian (Mutch) Findlay, had by then died, and her daughter Christian has again somewhat mixed up the family names of her various children (the only reliable way to find her is to seach for her daughter Ann Essles/Essels):

151, Old Machar, Aberdeen, p.40
#212, 20 College Bounds
Christian Essles, head, widow, 60, Labourer widow, born Aberdeen New Machar
Margt Essles, daur, unmarried, 28, Power Loom Weaver, (Flax), born Aberdeen New Machar
Ann Essles, daur, unmarried, 23, Power Loom Weaver, (Flax), born Aberdeen New Machar
Jannet Essles, daur, unmarried, 18, Flax Spinner, born Aberdeen Aberdeen
Mary Adams, grand daur, 4, born Aberdeen

Janel Kemlo is now Jannet Essles. I suspect she was born "out of wedlock." No idea who was the mother of Mary Adams.

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