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Alexander Mutch


His parent is not known.


Spouse Isobel Brow. They married 29 July 1719 in the parish of New Machar.
Children were:
  1. Alexander [A9] born 1720 christened 13 May 1720 at Boghall in the parish of New Machar. Married Jean Elrick
  2. John born 1722 christened 16 February 1722 at Boghall in the parish of New Machar
  3. John born 1723 christened 23 November 1723 at Boghall in the parish of New Machar
  4. Isobell born 1727 christened 30 July 1727 at Longhill in the parish of New Machar
  5. Jean born 1729 christened 13 September 1729 at Longhill in the parish of New Machar
  6. Christian born 1732 christened 26 August 1732 at Longhill in the parish of New Machar. Married David Murray

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Webmaster's notes:

The line through son Alexander is based on work done by Peter Smith, I quote:

... an extract from Newmachar PRs ... the names of the farms in the baptismal entries, leads me to the conclusion that Alexander Mutch and Isobell Brow were the parents of the Alexander who married Jean Elrick and who was the father of the Alexander (1759-1831) who I believe married Helen Rust (but who is also claimed by the PEI based Mutch families as their ancestor).

The place names associated with the children (1720-1732) of the first Alexander were for 1720-1723 Boghill/Boghall, and for 1727-1732 Longhill. I believe these are either the same place or close together, as another baptism (where a Mutch was a witness) from 1739 refers to the farm Middleback of Rosehall alias Boghall. Rosehall is quite close to Longhills as you can see from the attached map of 1870 (Middle Tack is even closer)

The place name associated with the children (1755-1764) of Alexander Mutch and Jean Elrick (including John in 1755 and Alexander in 1759) is Longhill of Rosehall...

Ian Stead contacted the website with details of daughter Christian and David Murray's possible marriage and his justification. He wrote:

My assumption - and it is only an assumption! - is because both Christian Mutch (1732) and David Murray (1733) were born/baptized in New Machar where the marriage took place (1761).

My interest in the Mutch family is because I seem to have quite a few of their descendants with DNA links to me but I can't yet find a direct link. I do have a direct link with the Murrays of New Machar (via my great grandmother).

David Murray was baptized 29 November 1733, son of William Murray of Little Rainnieshill, New Machar, and his wife Christian Williamson. He married (probably/possibly) Christian Mutch at New Machar in 1761 and two children are recorded: Alexander (1763 - 1821) who married Christian Davidson in 1785 and had three children; and Christian, baptized in 1767. I have not located death dates for either David Murray or his wife.

I have eight DNA matches who trace their ancestry back to Alexander Mutch (b.1720) brother of Christian who may have married David Murray. Also six matches that go back to William Mutch (1744 - 99) whose family was at Peterhead and Logie Buchan.

When Ian Stead first contacted the site he questioned the grounds for claiming daughter Christian died the same day she was born, as this family line previously showed.

After I checked my records, I was not able to locate where this information came from. I have therefor decided to replace Christian's entry with Ian's research results.

If someone can provide other information please send it to the Webmaster.