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Alexander Mutch born 1803 - died 16 August 1875 at Woodside of Auquharney in the parish of Cruden

~ His father was James Mutch [J43]

~ Spouse Christina Grant born 1806 - died 1877

They married 7 January 1832 in the parish of Cruden

~ Children were:

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Webmaster's notes:
This family line is listed a C2 in the 1929 Mutch Genealogy, where Alexander's birth year is given as 1803. His parents are given as James + Elspeth Mitchell. It also lists another daughter, Elspeth, who married Alexander May.
I have found this family in the 1841 census where Alexander is listed as an agricultural labourer at Earlseat, Cruden. The entry confirms Elspet as a member of this family aged 5 - with rounding.
I have found Alexander's death registration on Scotland's People, which confirms he was 72 when he died. I also found the death registration for his son Thomas which gave more details of his unusual death.
John C Mutch is descended from son Alexander.

I'm a descendant of Alexander Mutch (b 1833 Cruden) > John Thomas Mutch (b 1869 Illinois) > Floyd Ollen Mutch (b 189? Illinois) > Duane Ollen Mutch (b 1925 North Dakota) > me (b 1957 North Dakota

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