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James Mutch born 1777 christened 29 April 1777 in the parish of Logie Buchan - died 29 December 1863 at Earlseat in the parish of Cruden

~ His father was William Mutch [W4]

~ Spouse Elspet Mitchel born 1781 - died 7 April 1843

They married 10 September 1803 in the parish of Peterhead

~ Children were:

Last updated: Wednesday, 1st April 2020

Webmaster's notes:
This family line is listed a C1 in the 1929 Mutch Genealogy, where most of this information is taken from as I cannot find the children in IGI.. His parents are given as John or William + ? Murison.
Trish MacKenzie found James' death certificate which gave the following information:

James Mutch, Farmer, widower of Elspet Mitchell d. 29th Dec 1863 Woodside, Cruden age 86. Parents William Mutch, Farmer, deceased and ? MS Murison, deceased. Registered by John Mutch, son Mill of Forvie, Cruden.

Daughter Isabel(la) is shown on ANESFHS Ancestor Chart 7980.
I have received some details of the family tree of an uncle my father was raised by (the relationship comes from the mother's side - two Montgomery sisters married two separate Mutch lines). This links back to this family line through son William.
I found James' death registration on Scotland's People website. This led me to his parents and to his birth registration in IGI. The witness is his son John.
James and Elspeth's deaths are listed in the unpublished Peterhead MIs.

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