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Arthur Mutch born 1785

~ His parent is not known.

~ Spouse Mary Simpson born 1785

They married 12 November 1805 in the parish of St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian

~ Children were:

Last updated: Tuesday, 28th February 2017

Webmaster's notes:

I found the death registration for son Thomas on Scotland's People. This led me to the IGI records for this couple and their other children.

Alison Kilford was kind enough to share her research on son David family which has now become family line D3. She wrote:

"From all my research, it seems I am related to David Mutch (b. 1819), son of Arthur Mutch. It seems David changed his name to Mitchell (or became Mutch Mitchell) and married Eliza Ellen Rankin in Durham in 1846. He and his descendants are in my family tree which can be found at"

She also was able to add daughter Eleanor to this family

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