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David Mutch born 26 July 1819 in the parish of North Leith, Midlothian christened 7 August 1819 in the parish of North Leith, Midlothian - died 1882 at Union Workhouse in the parish of Sunderland, England

~ His father was Arthur Mutch [A47]

~ Spouse Eliza Ellen Rankin born 14 July 1825 at South Lynn All Saints in the parish of Norfolk, England - died 1891 in the parish of London, England

They married 22 February 1846 at Durham in the parish of Tyne and Wear, England. By the 1841 census he appears to be using the name David Mutch Mitchell and is living in Woolwich Dockyard, Kent, England. That was the name he married with and all his children took.

Her father was John Rankin and her mother was Margaret Lamb who were married 24 July 1808 at St. Pauls Church in the parish of Jarrow, Co. Durham

~ Children were:

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Alison Kilford has provided details of this family.

As David used the name David Mutch Mitchell for his marriage and children's christenings, I have entered the children in the supplementary database rather than the Mutches database.

I have, however, created a separate family line for David Mutch.

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