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George Mutch born 15 November 1813 in the parish of Rathen - died 18 July 1899 at Greenbank in the parish of Fraserburgh

~ His father was William Mutch [W7]

~ Spouse Janet/Jessie Birnie born 1821 christened 26 December 1821 in the parish of Rathen

They married 6 December 1840 in the parish of Rathen

Her father was John Birnie and her mother was Margaret Reid

~ Children were:

Last updated: Wednesday, 23rd May 2018

Webmaster's notes:

Details of son John's marriage have been provided by Jamie Smith.

Details of Christian's marriage and children have been provided by Karen Brettell.

Karen also confirmed that George was the son of William + Elizabeth Thomson. She has a copy of George's death certificate. His occupation was listed as "Formerly Surfaceman" and the informant was his son James whose address is given as 235 Balmay Road, Springburn, Glasgow.

James Garden has provided the details of daughter Jessie and her family. His 2nd Great Grandfather was her husband John Garden.

David Bell has provided details of daughter Margaret's family:

"I have a copy from Scotlands People of the marriage certificate of George Burnett (21) and Margaret Mutch (aged 19, from Rathen) on 6th Feb 1864 in the Parish of Lonmay. Her parents are George Mutch and Jessie Birnie."

Jill Thomas contacted the site with details of an illegitimate child born to daughter Mary Annie:

"She had an illegitimate child, Jessie Anne in 1883 and never married. She died in Hull in 1952.

Jessie Anne married Robert Esslemont, from Peterhead (born in 1881), in Aberdeen 1904. They had 6 children, Sarah, Robina, David, William Strachan, Mary Jane (Jeannie) and John. William Strachan was my Grandfather."

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