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William Mutch


His parent is not known.


Spouse Elizabeth Thomson. They married 28 January 1802 in the parish of Rathen

There is also a marriage record for this pair at Strichen on 30 January 1802. In these situations I only list the first recorded date.
Children were:
  1. Helen - died 16 February 1898 at Upper Cortes in the parish of Rathen. Had a relationship with William McCombie
  2. John [J1] born 1803 christened 28 March 1803 in the parish of Strichen - died 6 November 1888 at Waughton Hill in the parish of Rathen. Married Elspeth Walls
  3. George [G14] born 15 November 1813 in the parish of Rathen - died 18 July 1899 at Greenbank in the parish of Fraserburgh. Married Janet/Jessie Birnie
  4. Robert [R7] born 1824 - died 21 September 1905 at Kingseat Asylum in the parish of New Machar. Married Elisabeth Sim

Last updated: Friday, 24th November 2023

Webmaster's notes:

Confirmation of son George comes from his death certificate and was provided by Karen Brettell, who has a copy.
Karen also believes that John was a son of this couple, not William + Elizabeth Murrison as stated on John's death certificate. See details under his Family Line [J1].
Details of John as son of this pair are also shown on ANESFHS Ancestor Chart 6152.
Gordon Junner has kindly provided the link from Robert [R7] to William + Elizabeth Thomson. I have confirmed this from a copy of his death certificate.