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George Mutch born 21 May 1813 in the parish of Rayne christened 20 August 1813 in the parish of Rayne - died 18 January 1880 at Cottown, Badenscoth in the parish of Auchterless

~ His father was James Mutch [J9]

~ Spouse Jean Glennie born 20 August 1823 christened 7 September 1823 in the parish of Newhills - died 10 June 1905 in the parish of Aberdeen

They married 19 November 1836 in the parish of Chapel of Garioch. Both George and Jean are buried in Auchterless cemetery.

~ Children were:

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Webmaster's notes:

The information on the children's marriages was provided by Karen Brettell. You can view fuller details on this PDF file.

George's parents were James + Ann Black.

Mary Lazell has provided additional information on son James and his family. See Family Line [G7] for a copy.

Jean Gibson has provided a lot of details on the children of this family. See James and Ann Black [J9] for a full copy of her information.

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