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John Mutch born 17 January 1749 in the parish of Tarves

~ His father was George Mutch [G7]

~ Spouse Margaret Cruickshank

They married 16 December 1770 in the parish of Rayne

~ Children were:

Last updated: Wednesday, 2nd May 2018

Webmaster's notes:

The information for this line comes from Anne Godfrey who will be happy to help others researching this line. The new information she has provided has still to be entered on this site. Anne wrote:

...I am descended from your # J07, John Mutch (born Jan. 17, 1749 at Cockmuir) and Margaret Cruikshank. I am descended from J09, James Mutch (born Jan. 21, 1780 at Rayne) and Ann Black, through their son George, born May 21, 1813 and his marriage to Jane Glennie.

According to a chart that was sent to me, # J07's parents are George Mutch and Margaret Walker, who were married June 12, 1739 in Cockmuir (they had 5 children, Barbara, b. Oct. 3, 1742, Hugh Mutch, born Jan. 5, 1746, John (my guy), Janet born Jan. 16, 1753 and George, born May 13, 1755 (or 1756, the print isn't clear).

I would be very happy to speak to any relative, no matter how distant! Anne Godfrey (great, great, great granddaughter of George Mutch and Jane Glennie (who died in 1905 of a rat ulcer of the face....)

Information on son George taken from ANESFHS Ancestor Sheet 5381 (Note: marrige info for [J07] is different on the chart).

Information on the marriage of daughter Isobel was provided by Ken Greenberg who wrote Isobel Mutch and James Diack married in Rayne, Aberdeenshire, on 7 Dec. 1793. Their marriage produced 10 childern one of whom, Isobel, is an ancestor.

Mary Lazell has provided additional information on this family. See Family Line [G7] for a copy.

Linda Ryan is related to this family line through daughter Isobel. She has written to say:
"My connection is via Isobel Mutch 1771, daughter of John Mutch and Margaret Cruikshank, who married James Diack. Their daughter Margaret (1805) married George Gordon (1786) in Jan 1827 in Rayne. Their son George (Dec 1827) married Ann Findlater (1830) in 1849 and their son George (1855) married Margaret Fyfe (1856) in 1878. Their daughter Margaret (1891) was my grandmother"

Glen Stewart from New Zealand contacted the website about his link to this family line:

"My line descends from John Mutch J7 whose daughter Isobel married James Diack. John is my direct ancestor, 7 generations. Their son James (1797) married Ann Robertson (1800-1860) in 1824 at Aberdeen. Their daughter Anne Diack (1826-1870) married Keith Stewart (b 1816 in Rayne) in 1847. Their son William Stewart (1851-1926) born in Rayne, emigrated to NZ in 1870 on the vessel Auckland. William married NZ born Janet Ramsay Bennett Thomson in 1878. The Thomson family came from Midlothian and emigrated to NZ on the vessel Blundell in 1848. William and Janet are my Great Grandparents."

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