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James Mutch born 16 March 1822 in the parish of Auchterless - died 10 June 1900 at Grassiehill in the parish of New Deer

~ His father was Robert Mutch [R9]

~ Spouse Elspet Morrison born 22 May 1829 in the parish of Auchterless - died 1 September 1892 at Whitehill in the parish of New Deer

They married 25 July 1847 in the parish of Rathen

~ Children were:

Last updated: Monday, 20th February 2017

Webmaster's notes:

This family line is listed a E22 in the 1929 Mutch Genealogy. His parents are given as Robert + Isabella Shand [R09]. The two last sons are in IGI but not shown in the book.

Details for son George are taken from his death certificate which I came across during my own family research.

A lot of information on this family has been supplied by Sheila Leith. A detailed listing of the information she supplied, including other generations, can be found under Robert + Isabella Shand [R09].

Sheila has also provided a photograph of son William's youngest son James, her husband's Grandfather:

Sandra Dymock has sent me the details of the family of son Robert and Ann Falconer. She is the daughter of James Kerr Mutch 1914-1990.

Sandra has also sent me these two photographs which she believes may be Robert and Ann at different ages:

Kenny Bruce has provided updated information on the family of son William, especially his son James + Helen Mitchell Bruce's children.

This updates the information provided by Sheila Leith

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