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Robert Mutch born 1796 - died 18 August 1863 in the parish of New Deer

~ His father was Robert James Mutch [R1]

~ Had a relationship with Jean Minty. She later married William Andrew on 09 Sept 1827 at Alvah and had two sons with him.

~ Children were:

~ Spouse Isabella Shand

They married 10 June 1821 in the parish of Auchterless

~ Children were:

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Webmaster's notes:

This family line is listed a E4 in the 1929 Mutch Genealogy, where most of this information is taken from. It lists more children than I can find in the IGI. Son John's parents are shown as Robert + Isobel Norie in the book but this is now disputed.

Ellen Sutherland has provided much of the information to allow this line to be listed correctly. (See son John's family line for more details.) She wrote:
"My information relates to John Mutch (previously J63). The information given by Sheila Leith lists John as the firstborn son of Robert Mutch and Isabel(la) Shand.

I believe however that John (J63)(who is my 3 x great grandfather) is the illegitimate son of Robert Mutch (R9) and Jane/Jean Minty. He was born 10th August 1821 and christened on 12th August at Alvah, Banffshire. OPR record reads:
"John Natural Son of Robert Mutch and Jean Minty was born August 10th and baptised August 12th, 1821...
Witnesses John Minty Mallyrust and John McKenzie Caldhame..."

John Mutch (J63) married Christian Henderson, in 1854 at Fraserburgh, who died 13 Jan 1856 then [he married] Christian Duncan at Longside in 1858, having children with both. He died 08 August 1898 at Gamrie, Banffshire.

Jean/Jane Minty, John's mother, later married William Andrew on 09 Sept 1827 at Alvah and had two sons with him. I believe that she died before 1841."

Daughter Jessie's first marriage is shown on both ANESFHS Ancestor Chart 923 and 3400.

I am indebted to Sheila Leith for a great deal of the information on this family line and there descendants. Sheila has provided a comprehensive listing in this PDF file. NOTE: Please be aware that a lot of new information has come to light about son John's families since this document was produced. Always check original sources to verify details listed here.

Jim Irvine is also related to this family line. He wrote:
"I am descended from Barbara Mutch/Samuel Walker. She is my 3x great grandmother."

He also found the family of son Andrew in the 1871 census.

I have added details of the children of daughter Barbara and Samuel Walker taken from the Familysearch site. The 1929 Genealogy of the Mutch Family wrongly states that they had 8 daughters and 2 sons, it is actually the other way around!

Grant Bowman provided the death registrations for daughters Barbara, Margaret and Anne.

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