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John Mutch born 10 August 1821 christened 12 August 1821 in the parish of Alvah, Banff - died 8 August 1898 in the parish of Gamrie, Banff


His father was Robert Mutch [R9]


Spouse Isabel Urquhart born 1816 in the parish of Strichen - died 17 January 1853 in the parish of Rathen. They married 14 July 1844 in the parish of Tyrie

Isabella had a daughter, Isabella Geils born 1840 in Strichen to Charles Gealls. According to the 1851 Census Isabella Geils lived with her Mother, Step Father and Step siblings. They did live as a family until her mother died in 1853. In the 1861 Census she is working as a House Servant at Cross Geight, New Deer and is called Isabella Geals, age 21, unmarried. On her Marriage Certificate on 15 March 1862, she is recorded as Isabella Geils, her father is Charles Gealls (Crofter) and her mother Isabella Mutch (nee Urquhart). Her daughter born 1859 is named Isabella Cowie Giles.

It is believed Isabel was buried at Rathen on 17 January 1853.

Children were:
  1. John born 1846 in the parish of Tyrie
  2. James born 1848 in the parish of Tyrie
  3. Robert born 1850 in the parish of New Deer. Married Jessie Barnett
  4. Jane born 20 November 1851 in the parish of Rathen

Spouse Christian Henderson - died 13 January 1856. They married 29 June 1854 in the parish of Rathen.
Children were:
  1. Sarah born 1854 - died 2 January 1855
  2. James born 11 December 1855 in the parish of Fraserburgh - died 1856

Spouse Christian Duncan born 1839 - died 20 July 1893 in the parish of New Blyth. They married 20 March 1858 in the parish of Longside.
Children were:
  1. Eliza Ann Milne born 29 September 1858 in the parish of Longside - died 1917 at Linksfield Cottages in the parish of Banff, Banff. Married John Murray
  2. Christian born 29 June 1860 in the parish of Longside. Had a relationship with Alexander Young
  3. George born 22 September 1862 in the parish of Longside. Had a relationship with Margaret Mitchell
  4. Catherine born 12 May 1865 in the parish of Tyrie - died 15 April 1931 in the parish of Aboyne. Had a relationship with Peter Angus. Had a relationship with Robert Rae. Married Alexander Wildgoose. Married John Duncan
  5. Charlotte Duncan born 11 May 1867 in the parish of Tyrie
  6. Rachel Grieve Duncan born 11 May 1867 in the parish of Tyrie
  7. Margaret born 22 March 1870 in the parish of Old Meldrum. Had a relationship with John Keith
  8. Peter Elder born 11 July 1872 in the parish of King Edward - died 1902 at Ladysmith in the parish of South Africa
  9. Andrew born 4 October 1874 in the parish of King Edward

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Webmaster's notes:

This family is listed in the 1929 Genealogy as E21. It states there that the details were received late and there was no time to check verify them. That could explain why the order of John's three marriages are shown differently. The names of all spouses and children however have been verified and are shown above.

This family line was previously shown as three separate ones. J63 and J67 have been removed as these has proved to be the same John Mutch.
Details of the children of Christian Duncan have been confirmed by Ellen Sutherland. She wrote:

The John Mutch who married Christian Duncan is my 3 x great grandfather, and was actually born illegitimate to Robert Mutch and Jane Minty in Alvah, Banffshire, and christened on 12/08/1821. He died on 08/08/1898 at Gamrie, Banffshire.

He married Christian Duncan on 20/03/1858 at Longside, and they had 9 children, including Catherine Mutch, my 2 x great grandmother. Rachel died in infancy.

His wife Christian died on 20/07/1893 at New Byth Village, age 54.

I have the family on the 1871 and 1881 censuses as well as the birth and death certs.

The marriage to Christian Duncan is claimed as the son of Robert + Isabella Shand [R9] in the 1929 Mutch Genealogy, but the marriage certificate confirms John's parents as Robert + Jane Minty. Sheila Leith has sent me a copy of the certificate.
I found an index reference for James, son of Christian Henderson, death in GRO. The details still need to be confirmed as correct against original OPR records.
Details of the children of Isabel Urquhart come from the 1851 census when the family lived at Auchries, Rathen
Details of Isabel Urqhart's son John's family have been provided by Elisabeth Ryder-Weldon. She provided copies of marriage certificates and wrote:

My grandparents were Robert Ryder and Mary Aitken. Her parents, Andrew Aitken 1875 and Jessie Mutch 1879 were married in 1897 at Burnbanks, Nigg. Jessie's parents were Jessie Barnett(?) and Robert Mutch who married at New Pitligo[sic], Tyrie on June 2nd 1877....both 26.

I have an 1881 census with Robert 29, Jessie 28, Jessie 3 and Robert 3months....and a stepson James 5. They were at 73 Low Street,Tyrie. Robert's parents are named as John Mutch and Isabella(?) Anghart/Urqhart(?)

Ellen Sutherland has provided a lot of new information on this family line especially Catherine, daughter of John and Christian Henderson:

John's 1st wife Isabel Urquhart I now believe to be buried at Rathen on 17 Jan 1853.

John and his 2nd wife, Christian Henderson, who married in 1854, also had another child, Sarah Mutch, who died 02 Jan 1855 at age 8 weeks, so born end Oct/beg Nov 1854.

John's daughter by his 3rd wife, Christian Duncan, Eliza Ann Milne Mutch, b. 1858, married John Murray on 29 Sept 1877 @ Mains of Byth, New Byth, King Edward. Eliza died in 1917 @ Linksfield Cottages, Banff.

His daughter Catherine b. 1865 (my great great grandmother) married 1) Alexander Wildgoose (1867-1899) on 22 Jun 1894 @ Shiprow, Aberdeen, and 2) John Duncan, (1860-1931) on 06 Apr 1900 @ Kintore. Catherine died 15 Apr 1931 @ Aboyne.

Catherine had 2 illegitimate sons (neither by either of her husbands!)

John Angus Mutch, b. 12 Oct 1885 @ Turriff (father Peter Angus) my great grandfather. He was brought up by Catherine's maternal aunt and her husband and adopted their surname, Wright, which has continued down the family rather than either of his parents' surnames.

Robert Rae Mutch, b. 08 Oct 1890 @ 110 Spital, Aberdeen (father Robert Rae). He appears to have adopted and used his father's surname of Rae.

Nancy Loe has provided the marriage details for daughter Eliza from the third marriage.
Added a new daughter Johann to Robert + Jessie Barnett. Details taken from a copy of her birth details provided by Jean Graham. She also confirmed her connection to this family:

My great grandmother on my father\'s side of the family, was Jessie Mutch, who married Andrew Aitken on December 31,1897 at Burnbanks, Nigg, Kincardineshire.

Isabelle Sheldon contacted the site to say that Isabel shown previously as the first child of John and Isabella Urquhart was in fact born to Isabella before their marriage. She is a descendant of this daughter and provided the following details:

Isabella Urquhart born 1816 had a daughter, Isabella Geils born 1840 to Charles Gealls. Isabella Urquhart married John Mutch 14.7.1844 and died 17.1.1853. Isabella Geils had a daughter Isabella Cowie Giles in 1859. Father unknown. She married George Mutch Burnett in 1887 and had my grandmother Isabella Cowie Giles Burnett born 1898 and six other children,