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Robert Mutch born 1824 - died 21 September 1905 at Kingseat Asylum in the parish of New Machar


His father was William Mutch [W7]


Spouse Elisabeth Sim. They married 23 May 1848 in the parish of Pitsligo.
Children were:
  1. Christian born 2 October 1848 christened 29 November 1848 in the parish of Pitsligo - died 18 February 1911 in the parish of Aberdeen. Had a relationship with Jacob Carle
  2. James born 27 December 1851 christened 10 February 1852 in the parish of Pitsligo
  3. William born 15 November 1854 christened 9 December 1854 in the parish of Pitsligo. Married Mary Skene Carle
  4. George born 26 December 1856 in the parish of Orphir, Orkney
  5. Robert born 13 March 1859 in the parish of Kirkwall, Orkney
  6. Alexander Sim born 21 March 1863 in the parish of Pitsligo
  7. Eliza born 4 June 1866 in the parish of Pitsligo

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