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Robert Mutch born 1824 christened 26 January 1824 in the parish of Auchterless - died 4 May 1893 at 42 Hanover Street in the parish of Fraserburgh

~ His father was Robert Mutch [R9]

~ Spouse Jessie Wallace born October 1828 in the parish of New Deer christened 31 October 1828 in the parish of New Deer - died 26 January 1911 at 55 Hanover Street in the parish of Fraserburgh

They married 30 May 1847 in the parish of New Deer

Her father was John Wallace and her mother was Agnes Brown. Her mothers name here is taken from the birth record. On her death registration her mothers name is given as Jane Shand [sic]

~ Children were:

Last updated: Saturday, 18th February 2017

Webmaster's notes:

This family line is listed a E23 in the 1929 Mutch Genealogy, where most of this information is taken from. Robert's parents are shown as Robert + Isabel Shand.

The marriage dates for the children of this family line have been entered into IGI in 1991 by some unknown person.

Details for son James come from the registry entry for his death which I came across while researching my own family line.

A lot of information on this family has been supplied by Sheila Leith. A detailed listing of the information she supplied, including other generations, can be found under Robert + Isabella Shand [R09].

Jacqui Campbell has contacted me to say (NB: references are to the 1929 Genealogy family codes):
"My great grandparents were Andrew Mutch E96 - a cooper by trade and born 1874 and Isabella Smith. They had 10 children in all - those surviving beyond childhood being Helen (E168),Catherine (E169), Andrew (170) James (E171) and Agnes (E172)
My grandfather James (Jimmy) listed above as E171 married Betsy Wiseman Noble and they had one son, James and a still born daughter. My father, James married June Davidson and they had 4 daughters."

Grant Bowman has provided updated details on daughter Agnes and William Adams family line. Grant is related to this family line through son James and Jane Thomson:
"My mother was Christina Mutch, daughter of Alexander Mutch and Mary Thornton. Alexander was the son of James Mutch (and Jane Thomson) who in turn was the son of Robert Mutch (R11) (and Jessie Wallace)"

Grant has also provided detailed information on the other children of this Family Line. This has allowed a lot of updates and corrections to be done on all the children.

Janette Andrews contacted me about her connection to daughter Elspet:

"I am the granddaughter of Jessie McCormack and great granddaughter of Elspet Mutch born 20 July 1868. Your records have Jessie being born in 1990, which I believe is unlikely as she was born in 1899 and her siblings were born in 1895 and 1898. Jessie married Matthew Brown and emigrated to New Zealand in the early 1920s due to trouble finding work in Scotland after WW1. In NZ they had 5 children, 7 grandchildren and many great grandchildren. I am the youngest daughter of Jessie's youngest son James McCormack Brown. Her oldest daughter is Elsie Mutch Brown."

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