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Thomas Mutch born 1815 in the parish of Nigg, Kincardine christened 3 April 1815 in the parish of Nigg, Kincardine - died 11 May 1900 at 29 Stoneywood in the parish of Newhills

~ His father was James Mutch [J11]

~ Spouse Elizabeth Will born 5 April 1814 in the parish of Bervie, Kincardine - died 13 March 1889 in the parish of Old Machar

They married 13 June 1840 in the parish of Old Machar

Her father was Arthur Will and her mother was Jean Thomson. Arthur was born 1778 and died before 1855, Jean was born 1779 and died 1864.

~ Children were:

Last updated: Sunday, 19th February 2017

Webmaster's notes:

Nancy Loe is related to daughter Mary and has provided the additional material for this family and the link to James + Esther Nicol [J11] as Thomas' parents. See under J11 for a copy of the full information she provided on this family.

I have found Thomas' death registration on the Scotland's People website. This confirms his parents and lists him as a retired fireman.

John Cowie sent details of son Alexander, his marriage to Elizabeth Cowie and their family.

Nancy Loe has since done more research on the information she was provided with for this family and has written the following:

"...I find no evidence of the phantom Jane, with whom he (Alexander) supposedly fathered a daughter, Jane in 1861. I did find an illegitimate Jane Mutch b. in Oct 1860 in St. Nicholas, who is the daughter of Ann Mutch. Alexander had an older sister, Ann, but I suppose there is no way to prove this is our Ann for certain, but I think it's more logical than Alexander as the father."

This seems likely as a Jane Ann Mutch is living with her Grandparents Thomas and Elisabeth in the 1871 census.

Nancy Loe has revisited this family and decided that the information on a son George born February 1851 in Old Machar is incorrect.

I have removed his record from the database.

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