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William Mutch

~ His parent is not known.

~ Spouse Ann Delgaty

They married 29 June 1850 in the parish of St Nicholas, Aberdeen

~ Children were:

Last updated: Thursday, 2nd April 2020

Webmaster's notes:
Details for son Edward and daughter Ann come from David Mutch who gives his ancestory as:

(1). David John Mutch. born 10/1/1945. Chatham, Kent England.

(2). Father: Percival Roderick Mutch. born 16/2/1918. Roseburn Place, Edinburgh.

(3). Grandfather: Edward Roderick Mutch. born c 1894. Poplar, London. Married Edith Emily Beckhuson 1915, Kent.

(4). G Grandfather: Edward Mutch. born 21/7/1859. Old Machar, Aberdeen. Married Elizabeth Petronella Smith Parnell c 1894 Poplar, London. (Brother: Joseph, born c 1864. Scotland. and a Sister: Anne, born c 1854. Scotland).

(5). GGGrandfather: William Mutch. born 29/5/1835. Tyrie, Aberdeen. Married Ann Dalgety / Delgaty. born 23/3/1829(30). Arbroath, Angus. (Father: John Dalgety / Delgaty. Mother: Margaret Binny / Binney).

(6). GGGGrandfather: Alexander Mutch. Married Elizabeth Boice.

NB: The birth date given under 5) for William refers to the son of Aleaxander + Elizabeth Bowers/Bouys [A25]. Also the parents of Ann Delgaty have currently still to be confirmed.

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