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Robert Mutch born 9 April 1835 at Smithfield in the parish of Newhills christened 31 May 1835 in the parish of Newhills

~ His father was Alexander Mutch [A14]

~ Spouse Janet Wilson born 1829

They married 4 March 1864 at 11 Forbes Street in the parish of Aberdeen. She was the widow of Archibald Wilson, confectioner, when they married. They were divorced 30 October 1877.

Her father was James Wilson and her mother was Ann Russel

~ Details of children are not known.

~ Spouse Robina Spence born 1835

They married 6 September 1878 at 95 Causewayend in the parish of Old Machar. She was the widow of William Davidson, shoemaker, when they married.

Her father was Andrew Spence and her mother was Martha Sharp. Robina's mother's surname is given as Sharp on her marriage record with Robert Mutch but Shaw on the marriage record for her first marriage to William Davidson on 18 July 1856 in the parish of St Nicholas, Aberdeen

~ Children were:

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