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Alexander Mutch born 1790 - died 3 October 1857 in the parish of Ellon

~ His father was Alexander Mutch [A6]

~ Spouse Janet Scorgie

They married 13 September 1834 in the parish of Old Machar

~ Children were:

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Webmaster's notes:
Details for this line have been provided by Julia Bricklin who provided fuller details of son John's family, including Jeannie Mutch mentioned under Mutches in Museums. She wrote:

The Baptism Register for William states Alexander resided in Whitemyres, witnesses to the baptism were Elspet & James Mutch of the same address.

Alexander's parents were Alexander and Janet Johnston of New Deer.

Robert's first wife was the widow of Archibald Wilson, this marriage ended in divorce on 31st October 1877. His second wife was the widow of William Davidson.

Alan Cowan has provided the following information about son George:

...I am descended from a George Mutch and Harriet Fyfe. My GGrandmother's name was Janet Scroggie Mutch. I realise that Scorgie and Scroggie are not the same but as I'm sure you know, spellings changed from generation to generation.

I have viewed on Scotland's People website a death certificate showing George Mutch having been the son of Alexander Mutch and Janet Scroggie. I feel therefore that he is a fourth child of the above family line and a sibling of Robert, William and John. His age at death was 43 giving a birth year of around 1846. The 1881 census shows George as being born in Ellon, Aberdeenshire...

Alan has also provided a detailed listing the descendants of George - see here.
Julia has now sent me a copy of a photograph which she believes is the John Mutch of this family line. The photo has been analyzed and thought to have been taken within a year or two of 1880. This is the image and also a copy of the details on the back:

Ken Doyle has sent me copies of certificates relating to son Robert's second wife Robina Spence and their child Robert Mutch or Davidson.

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