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Isabella Mutch born September 1840 in the parish of Ellon - died April 1915 in the parish of Farnworth, Lancashire, England


Her father was James Mutch [J59]


Had a relationship with Unknown.
Children were:
  1. Isabella Mutch born 13 October 1858 in the parish of St Nicholas, Aberdeen - died 1866 at Mains of Knockhall in the parish of Foveran.

Had a relationship with Donald Aird born 9 September 1840 in the parish of Alness, Ross and Cromarty - died 27 September 1920 in the parish of St Nicholas, Aberdeen.

His father was John Aird and his mother was Mary MacLennan.
Children were:
  1. Donald Mutch Aird born 30 June 1862 in the parish of Kinnellar - died 1934 at Brisbane in the parish of Queensland, Australia.

    He had a relationship with Mary Gavin. Registered as the father of an illegitimate son,

    1. James Gavin Aird, born on 1 August 1880 in the parish of Insch.
    He later married Emma Thams and had five children:
    1. Arthur Aird born about Feb 1888 - died on 08 Oct 1888 in Queensland, Australia, aged 8 months.
    2. Emma Mary Aird born on 10 Mar 1889 in Queensland, Australia - died on 06 Jun 1974 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, aged 85.
    3. Cecilia Clara Aird was born on 19 Aug 1890 in Queensland, Australia - died on 24 Jul 1930, aged 39, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
    4. Elsie Stella Meta Aird was born on 11 Mar 1893 in Queensland, Australia. She died on 01 Aug 1910, aged 17, in Queensland, Australia.
    5. Harold Donald Douglas Aird was born on 10 Mar 1896 in Southport, Queensland, Australia - died on 04 Sep 1952, aged 56, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He married Rose Eileen ROBINSON on 07 Dec 1921 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Had a relationship with Alexander Walker born 1842 - died 1912.
Children were:
  1. Jane Mutch Walker born 5 November 1863 at Little Ythsie in the parish of Tarves - died 5 December 1941 at 8 Academy Street in the parish of St Nicholas, Aberdeen.

    Between 1881 and 1899, Jane was having a relationship with George Marshall (1854-1928), with their first child born in 1882 and their last child in 1899. During this time, George appears to have been living with parents and siblings at Methlick - farmer's son and traction engine driver (from Census records).

    The eight children were:

    1. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Marshall Walker (10 Nov 1881-1849) - born Sessnie, Methlick, Aberdeenshire
    2. George Marshall (1883-1967) - born Sessnie, Methlick, Aberdeenshire. In 1901, George, aged 18, traction engine driver married Annabelle Ironside.
    3. Janet (Jane) Milne Marshall also known as Walker - (1885-1973) - born Sessnie, Methlick, Aberdeenshire
    4. James Hunter Marshall (1889-1968) - born Sessnie, Methlick, Aberdeenshire - (Hunter was the name of and family where Jane was boarding and then working)
    5. Christina Ann Henderson Marshall - born 1892 Methlick, Aberdeenshire.
    6. Margaret Robertson Marshall - born 1895 Methlick, Aberdeenshire.
    7. Isabella Marshall - born 1897 Methlick, Aberdeenshire.
    8. Alexander Marshall - born 20 June 1899 Upper Kirktown of Bathol Chapel, Tarves.

    Jane married Alexander Young (1879-1939), a marine stoker, in Aberdeen, 12 Feb 1907. They had one son:

    1. William (Bill) Young born on 26th June 1902, at Savoch, Aberdeenshire.

      He married Catherine MacDonald and they had two children:

      1. Irene MacDonald (1927-2002)
      2. Eric William (1933 - )
      The family migrated to Australia in 1951, and William died in Bathurst on 25 Feb 1965.

Spouse William Davie born 7 July 1854 in the parish of Methlick - died April 1921 in the parish of Farnworth, Lancashire, England. They married 22 November 1879 in the parish of Old Machar, Aberdeen.
Children were:
  1. Jessie Davie born 18 March 1881 in the parish of Royton, Lancashire, England - died December 1957 in the parish of Farnworth, Lancashire, England.
  2. Catherine Davie born 20 October 1882 in the parish of Burnley, Lancashire, England - died September 1960 in the parish of Bolton, Lancashire, England.

    She married Ernest Newton Tonge and they had two children:

    1. Elsie Tonge born 15 Jun 1909 in Farnworth, Lancashire, England and died Jan 1977 in Farnsworth.
    2. Gordon Tonge born 15 Jan 1911 in Farnworth, Lancashire, England died Feb 1987 in Bolholt, Lancashire, England.