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Alexander Mutch - died 9 June 1832 at Coalmoss in the parish of Ellon


His parent is not known.


Spouse Janet Johnston born 1762 at Mains of Oikhorn in the parish of New Deer christened 11 May 1762 in the parish of New Deer - died 4 July 1831 at Coalmoss in the parish of Ellon. They married 20 June 1788 in the parish of New Deer.

Her father was John Johnston and her mother was Janet Wishart.
Children were:
  1. Alexander [A14] born 1790 - died 3 October 1857 in the parish of Ellon. Married Janet Scorgie
  2. William [W1] born 1790 - died 28 November 1876 in the parish of Cruden. Married Christian Byers
  3. Janet born 1792 in the parish of Methlick - died 2 October 1829 at Coalmoss in the parish of Ellon. Married George Jaffrey
  4. James [J22] born 1799 in the parish of Tarves - died 22 November 1867 at Ardland in the parish of Savoch. Married Elizabeth Mitchell
  5. Margaret born 1804 - died 26 July 1865 at Udny Green in the parish of Udny. Married James Henderson
  6. Christian born 15 August 1808 in the parish of Ellon christened 15 August 1808 in the parish of Ellon - died 12 February 1874 at Drumwhyndle in the parish of Ellon

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Webmaster's notes:

This is as far back as I have presently come with my own direct family line which comes through William.
The information on Alexander + Janet Scorgie comes from Julia Bricklin. She also provided the following information on Christian's death:

died single, Parish of Ellon, Feb. 12th, 1874 at 66 years. Liver Cancer. Was buried by her nephew, William Jaffrey (somewhere in my records I looked up William Jaffrey, and found another sister of Christian named Janet, I believe, as his mother. Janet would be another daughter of Alexander and Jannet).

The information on James + Elizabeth Mitchel comes from Valerie Campbell who also has a lot more information on the descendants of Janet + George Jaffrey.
The following information has been provided by Richard Johnston:

I can tell you that Janet was buried 4 May 1831 1st graff north Jannet Mutch 2/Oct/1829, New Deer Kirkyard. Alexander was buried 9 June 1832 into Jannet Johnston's graff bur 4/May/1831, New Deer Kirkyard.

Janet Mutch was buried 2 October 1829 laid the 2nd graff north east Alexr: Crighton's lairstone, New Deer Kirkyard which appears to be a new lair. I have assumed rightly or wrongly that this Janet is their daughter.

They all died at Coalmoss, Ellon. These are taken from the New Deer grave digger records.

Janet Johnston was born 11 July 1762 at Mains of Oikhorn, New Deer, Aberdeenshire the daughter of John Johnston and Janet Wishart.

On 28 June 1804, they are listed in John Johnston's will as follows To Jannet Johnston Wife to Alexander Much presently in Leys of Drumwhinlie Twenty six pounds sterling to be soley at the disposal of the said Jannet my daughter with the approbation and concurrence of my said Executors excluding the said Alexr Much from any interference therewith. This implies that John and Alexander did not get on none of the other daughter's husbands had this condition applied.

Matthew Davidson has found another daughter, Margaret, for this family:

---there's a missing daughter of Alexander Mutch and Janet Johnston: Margaret, b. circa 1804, m. James Henderson 9th Feb 1829 at Ellon, d. 26th July 1865 at Green of Udny