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James Mutch born 1790 christened 30 July 1790 in the parish of Foveran - died 5 September 1871 in the parish of Udny

~ His father was Peter Mutch [P1]

~ Had a relationship with Agnes Rennie born 1785 - died 20 October 1863 in the parish of Udny

Her father was James Rennie and her mother was Ann Ritchie

~ Children were:

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The information for this line comes from the ANESFHS MI Booklet for Udny and was supplied by Barbara Sleeper. I would like to thank Barbara for the help and inspiration she has given me in my own research.

#277 - Erected in memory of JAMES MUTCH & family. JOHN MUTCH d. 23 Aug 1844 aged 24, ALEXANDER MUTCH d. 18 Apr. 1845 aged 26. JOSEPH ALLAN grandson d. 15 Dec. 1858 aged 18. ANN MUTCH d. 7 Dec. 1859 aged 36. AGNES RENNIE wife of JAMES MUTCH d. 20 Oct. 1863 aged 78. JOHN CAMERON d. 31 Mar. 1860 aged 24. Said JAMES MUTCH d. 5 Sept. 1871 aged 82. ANN ANDREWS CAMERON wife of THOMAS P. HARDIE d. Bucksburn Aberdeen 27 Oct. 1914 aged 70. Said THOMAS PATERSON HARDIE d. there 30 May 1925 aged 83.

Additional family details come from a IGI search.

Gordon Junner has provided the information that son James is Family Line [J82] as well as the link to his James' father Peter [P1]

I added the family for daughter Mary and John Cameron which I found on IGI

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