This is Family Line Reference [R1], details known are ......

Robert James Mutch born 1765


His parent is not known.


Spouse Isobel Norie born 1768 christened 29 December 1768 in the parish of Monquhitter. They married 26 August 1792 in the parish of Methlick

There is also a marriage record for this pair at Tarves on 20 October 1792. In these situations I only list the first recorded date.
Children were:
  1. Isobel born 1792 - died 18 September 1867. Married George Milne
  2. Robert [R9] born 1796 - died 18 August 1863 in the parish of New Deer. Had a relationship with Jean Minty. Married Isabella Shand
  3. Alexander [A27] born 1797 - died 18 March 1873 at Auchreddie in the parish of New Deer. Married Isabella Brown
  4. Mary born 1804 in the parish of Methlick - died 15 November 1878 in the parish of Old Deer. Married Alexander Scroggie

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Webmaster's notes:

Details of daughter Mary taken from ANSFHS Ancestor Chart 2737. She also shows on Chart 4875.
Daughter Isobel's details come from her DC and are provided by Trish Mackenzie.
Other information has been provided by Grahame Mutch who has fuller details of son Alexander's descendants.
This Robert is featured as line E in the Genealogy of the Mutch Family produced by James Robert Mutch in 1929.
I have found Robert and Isabella in the 1841 census where he is still working as an agricultural labourer at Upper Crichie, Old Deer although aged 75!
Heather Downer has provided the following details about the children of Mary + Alexander Scroggie:

1) Isabella Scroggie born 1824 Old Deer, died 16 July 1907 Aberdeen. Married (i) George Todd and had six children (ii) John Clark (m 8 August 1863 Old Deer) - 2 children.

2) George Scroggie born 1826 Old Deer. Occupation Miller/Preacher. Wrote the folksong "Farewell to Tarwathie". Married (i) Helen Milne (m 16 May 1846 Longside) - 8 children. (ii) Margaret Anderson - 4 children.

3) Margaret Scroggie born 1829 Old Deer, died 12 April 1907 Aberdeen. Married John Burnett 21 February 1852 Longside - 13 children.

4) Mary Scroggie born 1831 Old Deer. Married James Arthur 22 March 1856 New Deer.

5) Robert Alexander Scroggie born 1834 Old Deer, died 7 November 1880 Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Married Bridget Ann Naylon 18 November 1862 York, Ontario - 7 children.

6) Alexander Scroggie born 1836 Old Deer. Married (i) Mary Wilson 8 December 1855 Old Deer - 3 children. (ii) Elizabeth Milne m 12 June 1867 Old Deer - 1 child.

7) John Mackie Scroggie born 1838 Old Deer, died 1 August 1894 Haddington. Occupation Evangelist, married Mary Ann Craig 28 May 1864 Tarves - 8 children.

8) James Johnston Scroggie born 1842 Old Deer, died 17 March 1927 Morningside, Edinburgh. Occupation Evangelist Preacher. Married Jane Mitchell 23 July 1868 Foveran - 9 children including the celebrated preacher William Graham Scroggie.

9) Elspet Scroggie born 1845 Old Deer, died 1925. Married George Stevenson 22 February 1867 Old Deer - 7 children.

A lot of information on the descendants of this family has been supplied by Sheila Leith. A detailed listing of the information she supplied, including other generations, can be found under son Robert [R09].
Nikki Tate about her link to daughter Mary's son George. She wrote:

Contacting you about 2) George Scroggie born 1826 Old Deer. Occupation Miller/Preacher. Wrote the folksong \"Farewell to Tarwathie\". Married (i) Helen Milne (m 16 May 1846 Longside) - 8 children. (ii) Margaret Anderson - 4 children.

If this the same one and Margaret was Margaret Jane born c 1840, I believe I am a descendent too, George died in Plymouth in Jan 1907 and was buried 28 Jan 1907